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Murder Mystery

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This piece of writing is actually a part-two of a post on a fellow blogger’s blog. She asked people to post their version of part two in the comments so did. I end up being really proud of the piece so I wanted to post it. If you want to check out part one it is called Mysterious Murder?!

“Go faster!” Summer screamed to Katy who was driving the van. Brittney was in the back seat, no seat belt, empty looking, in shock of what had just happened…..

After the gunshot at 1:00 pm they looked around trying to see where the sound came from. When Brittney met the eyes of the killer, she looked at the ground. There lay the waiter that had just served them their lunch. He was on the ground, still, pale, eyes wide open but lifeless.

Brittney looked back to the killer. She starred straight into his grey eyes. Katy and Summer looked behind them to see what Brittney was looking at and they saw him as well. Katy  “Run.”

Katy and Summer immediately got up and bolted towards the parking lot. Brittney was frozen, still starring into the man’s cold eyes. Summer lunged for Brittney’s arm. She tugged it hard but she didn’t budge. Then, adrenaline rushing through Summer, picked Brittney up as best as she could and headed off as fast as she could to follow Katy.

Katy looked behind her to see that the killer nor the body was there any more. But she was scared to stop, so she kept going. They got to the van, only to figure out it was locked. Summer picked up a rock and smashed it through the window. The vehicle was so old that the alarm was broken so it was still silent through out the parking lot.

Summer grabbed Brittney from the ground and tossed her in the back seat. She and Katy climbed into the front and started to drive.

Katy started to drive as fast was she could. Forgot the speed limit existed. Summer looked behind Katy. And saw Brittney sitting there. “Brittney?” Softly trying to get her attention. Nothing. “Brittney.” She said louder at more serious, but inside with concern. Still nothing. “Brittney! Are hurt? What is happening right now?” She said even louder with concern and slight frustration.

“The killer, it was my brother.”

7 years ago, when Brittney was 10, her brother was killed in a freak accident. Her older brother Sam who was 19, was on a commercial fishing boat and fell over board. His best friend was their and tried to pull him back on board couldn’t manage. He had drowned.



Volley Ball

Creative Commons License alainalele via Compfight

Hey guys, I wrote this post along time ago, but I just published. So keep in mind that some of the information is from a couple weeks ago.  

I first wanted to write this post because I am on the girls Volley Ball team at my school and have been log post on Volley Ball by Gabi.

I signed up for the Volley Ball team in mid October. I have really been loving it. I love how all my teammates are so supportive. Last game I had to serve a couple times and I am NOT the best at that, but everyone was cheering one another on. There are a few girls that have a lot more experience than I do and a lot more than a lot of other girls on the team. They are always encouraging, giving tips, making jokes, and making sure the vibe of “Don’t sweat it” is always in place.

One of the other things that is great about our team is the different skill sets we have. Not everyone is great at the same thing, which really is helpful. We all get equal opportunities to be playing, and I find that very important. We have a relatively small team so you aren’t on the bench for very long and when you’re, cheering your team on.

Thanks for reading! I probably will write another post on Volley Ball in the near future, more about the skills. I hope the best for the team and am sorry I can’t be there this week! Have a great day!


The Liza Koshy Report

 Hello Readers!

From her official YouTube channel.

“It doesn’t count if I eat the cake while I am running.”

That’s one of Liza’s favorite lines to use in her videos. Liza Koshy is a super humorous, creative, enthusiastic, and confident YouTuber. She has over 10 million subscribers. Liza is always positive and can always make you laugh. She perserveres through hate and disbelief and keeps doing what she loves.

Liza Koshy is unquestionably enthusiastic about what she does. She posts every week and comes up with original content.  She makes lots of jokes and puns, and edits in sound effects to make her videos entertaining. She makes the best out of bad situations and can add humor to anything.

From the way she walks to the way she talks, Liza is certainly confident. In several of her videos, she has gone to stores and made puns about names of brands and other merchandise. I know that a lot of people including me would have a hard time going somewhere public to make videos. Liza always has a vibe about her that is confident. If someone were to ask her to go in a cartwheel in IKEA she would totally do it. Even if no one asked, she probably still would. She has as well done a video turning hate comments in to compliments. Even posting a video online for everyone to see and judge takes a lot of courage and confidence.

Creativity. Liza is so creative! Making up original content is extremely hard. One thing that I always think is amazing is her editing. For me it is really hard to take little short videos of things and at the end putting them all in order. When she wants to add sounds effects she has to have the right timing when she is taking the actual video. The whole thing takes lots of creativity and planning.

Enthusiasm. Confidence. Creativity. Try to be all these things. Be enthusiastic about what you love and do what you love to do. Be confident about what you love. And be creative, take something that you love doing and make it your own. It’s great to have all the previous skills in life. They will help you do better in school and achieve your dreams. Hope you take something away from this post today! Thanks for reading.

Have a great day!