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Hephaestus, GOD OF FIRE!

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Yes, I am back with another Greek Mythology post. If you have read my past post you already know that I am super obsessed with Greek Mythology. In my previous post I wrote about the Goddess Athena. A powerful daughter of Zeus who has not born but emerged fully in armor out of Zeus’ forehead. If you want to check out that post then you can either go to my page “Greek Mythology” or the link if here

When I first read about the God Hephaestus, the god of fire and was a blacksmith, it talked about him being lame. I thought, hey, that’s mean. But then I realized that it meant he had a bad leg. Hephaestus was born with a disabled leg and was uglier than any of the other gods. His mother Hera thought him imperfect and through him in the sea to die. Lucky for Hephaestus he was rescued by a group of sea nymphs. But he was never welcome on Mount Olympus with the other gods.

Hephaestus then decide to take action, punish his mother, and get on Mount Olympus. Hephaestus used his amazing metal working skills to build Hera a gorgeous gold throne. What Hera and the other gods didn’t know is that the throne was cursed. When Hera sat on the throne, she wasn’t able to get up.

Once Hera was stuck the other gods begged and begged for Hephaestus to let her go. He was even offered a place on Mount Olympus. But Hephaestus refused. Dionysus the god of wine, tried to convince him and then he finally agreed. But when Hephaestus got to Mount Olympus he still wouldn’t release Hera. He would only let his mother free of the throne if he got to marry Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. So there you go, that how the ugliest god and most beautiful goddess ended up getting married.

Since Hephaestus was the God of metal working, I think he was overlooked because without him none if the god/goddess would have any of the weapons. So I think he in a really big part of Greek Mythology and his role his very important.

By the way I got all my information from this site here.

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Mr. Linden’s Library

After each page Cindy turned, the more drawn into her story she was. It was as if vines wrapped around her and pulled her closer and closer each flip of a page. Finally Cindy’s eye lids grew heavy and she drifted of to a deep sleep. Cindy dreamed sweet dreams until she woke up with a start. Vines had begun to sprout from her novel. They had wrapped around her small thin wrists, immobilizing her arms. Although she screamed at the top of her lungs, her words seemed to be swallowed up by the book. It was dead silence to anyone around. The fat green vines, which were approaching her chest quickly, were tight and strong. There was no escaping this creeping plant. Cindy’s mind was racing. Flashes of her fondest memories skimmed through her mind. She pretended to go to sleep, for the last time. With what she thought to be her last breath, the vines had simply disappeared. Cindy gasped. She breathed easy for the first in what she thought was forever. There was no more time to be happy. She stumbled to her feet, grabbed the book and launched out the widow with a grunt. She collapsed back on to her bed because she was exhausted. Exhausted in every way. Her mind, her lungs, her body. As tired as she was there was no way she was going to go back to sleep. In the back off her mind she heard the librarian’s mumbled words. “Beware. Beware of the book.”

Murder Mystery

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This piece of writing is actually a part-two of a post on a fellow blogger’s blog. She asked people to post their version of part two in the comments so did. I end up being really proud of the piece so I wanted to post it. If you want to check out part one it is called Mysterious Murder?!

“Go faster!” Summer screamed to Katy who was driving the van. Brittney was in the back seat, no seat belt, empty looking, in shock of what had just happened…..

After the gunshot at 1:00 pm they looked around trying to see where the sound came from. When Brittney met the eyes of the killer, she looked at the ground. There lay the waiter that had just served them their lunch. He was on the ground, still, pale, eyes wide open but lifeless.

Brittney looked back to the killer. She starred straight into his grey eyes. Katy and Summer looked behind them to see what Brittney was looking at and they saw him as well. Katy  “Run.”

Katy and Summer immediately got up and bolted towards the parking lot. Brittney was frozen, still starring into the man’s cold eyes. Summer lunged for Brittney’s arm. She tugged it hard but she didn’t budge. Then, adrenaline rushing through Summer, picked Brittney up as best as she could and headed off as fast as she could to follow Katy.

Katy looked behind her to see that the killer nor the body was there any more. But she was scared to stop, so she kept going. They got to the van, only to figure out it was locked. Summer picked up a rock and smashed it through the window. The vehicle was so old that the alarm was broken so it was still silent through out the parking lot.

Summer grabbed Brittney from the ground and tossed her in the back seat. She and Katy climbed into the front and started to drive.

Katy started to drive as fast was she could. Forgot the speed limit existed. Summer looked behind Katy. And saw Brittney sitting there. “Brittney?” Softly trying to get her attention. Nothing. “Brittney.” She said louder at more serious, but inside with concern. Still nothing. “Brittney! Are hurt? What is happening right now?” She said even louder with concern and slight frustration.

“The killer, it was my brother.”

7 years ago, when Brittney was 10, her brother was killed in a freak accident. Her older brother Sam who was 19, was on a commercial fishing boat and fell over board. His best friend was their and tried to pull him back on board couldn’t manage. He had drowned.