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Volley Ball

Creative Commons License alainalele via Compfight

Hey guys, I wrote this post along time ago, but I just published. So keep in mind that some of the information is from a couple weeks ago.  

I first wanted to write this post because I am on the girls Volley Ball team at my school and have been log post on Volley Ball by Gabi.

I signed up for the Volley Ball team in mid October. I have really been loving it. I love how all my teammates are so supportive. Last game I had to serve a couple times and I am NOT the best at that, but everyone was cheering one another on. There are a few girls that have a lot more experience than I do and a lot more than a lot of other girls on the team. They are always encouraging, giving tips, making jokes, and making sure the vibe of “Don’t sweat it” is always in place.

One of the other things that is great about our team is the different skill sets we have. Not everyone is great at the same thing, which really is helpful. We all get equal opportunities to be playing, and I find that very important. We have a relatively small team so you aren’t on the bench for very long and when you’re, cheering your team on.

Thanks for reading! I probably will write another post on Volley Ball in the near future, more about the skills. I hope the best for the team and am sorry I can’t be there this week! Have a great day!