A Wrinkle in Time Movie/Book Review

Dear Readers,

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. An amazing novel filled with joy, fantasy, longing of love, and at last finding it in some of the most unexpected ways. A Wrinkle in Time is a novel about a 12 year old girl named Meg Murry and her adventure to find her father who has be gone for four years. After years of morning her missing father, one day her 5 year old brother Charles Wallace, discovers “The Three W’s” (Mrs. What-sit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which). Three enchanting ladies all captivating and eclectic. Though Charles maybe be the youngest he seems to know the most about what and who these women are. The book takes Meg, Charles, and a boy named Calvin through magical planets, strange creatures, and a darkness that more then you would think know about. Will you be brave and one day become one of earth’s warriors to flight “it”? 

This book is truly I incredible, I thought when I read it with my grandparents. So when I heard Disney was making a movie, I was thrilled. The movie obviously has had an extremely talented hair, make-up, and costume team. The three W’s were brought to life by there creativity and mind blowing dedication. Sadly, I thought the book was not brought to justice. After having my expectations high and being super excited for the film, I was not satisfied.  

ALERT! There maybe a few spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book. 

Don’t get me wrong, some parts of the movie were pretty great. Chris Pine, the actor who played Meg’s father, did a fabulous job I thought. The seen were Meg (Storm Reid) and her father see each other for the first time in what seems like forever, made me smile and warmed my heart. They really made it look like they had a real father daughter connection. I also thought the movies execution was done very well. The special effects looked genuinely magical. Along the journey of traveling through time and space, the movie takes you through some very mystical greenery. The movie was mainly shot in L.A., but a few breath taking shots were taken in Southern New Zealand. Over all the visual aspects of the movie, I thought was a win. 

But the story line was so messed up. Throughout the whole movie “Nothing really happened”-as my dad said. It was like there were little scenes that were interesting by themselves but all together it was boring and important things were cut out. For example, in the book there is a chapter named “Aunt Beast”. Aunt Beast is a creature who helps Meg after she is physically frozen, ice cold. Aunt Beast plays a mothering role, and nurtures Meg, I was looking forward to seeing this scene in the movie… And it was cut out other than a quick flash back that lasted half a second. Also, in the end of the book there is sort of battle between “it” and Meg (“it’ is a manipulator so it was like a battle of mind), and the way she ends up defeating “it” is because of a gift from one of the three W’s. Here gift to here was the phrase “I love you Meg”. During the battle “it” tells Meg, “No one loves you”, but Meg knew that wasn’t true, and that is how   she won the battle. Now the thing I find unbelievable is that Meg never received that gift! But she ended up still winning the battle. I mean, yes, Meg would have already known she was loved, but in the book it was such an “ahah” moment! Why would they not include it!? 

Thank you for reading this long blog post, and hearing my rant about this movie. This is my last blog post of the school year so I thought I would go out with something useful… Do not watch the movie, but please read the book! It is truly amazing.  

Have a wonderful summer break everyone!  

P.S. I may write over the summer and hopefully next year. Or I may start a new blog! If so I will post the link to it here.





Hephaestus, GOD OF FIRE!

Hello Readers,

Yes, I am back with another Greek Mythology post. If you have read my past post you already know that I am super obsessed with Greek Mythology. In my previous post I wrote about the Goddess Athena. A powerful daughter of Zeus who has not born but emerged fully in armor out of Zeus’ forehead. If you want to check out that post then you can either go to my page “Greek Mythology” or the link if here

When I first read about the God Hephaestus, the god of fire and was a blacksmith, it talked about him being lame. I thought, hey, that’s mean. But then I realized that it meant he had a bad leg. Hephaestus was born with a disabled leg and was uglier than any of the other gods. His mother Hera thought him imperfect and through him in the sea to die. Lucky for Hephaestus he was rescued by a group of sea nymphs. But he was never welcome on Mount Olympus with the other gods.

Hephaestus then decide to take action, punish his mother, and get on Mount Olympus. Hephaestus used his amazing metal working skills to build Hera a gorgeous gold throne. What Hera and the other gods didn’t know is that the throne was cursed. When Hera sat on the throne, she wasn’t able to get up.

Once Hera was stuck the other gods begged and begged for Hephaestus to let her go. He was even offered a place on Mount Olympus. But Hephaestus refused. Dionysus the god of wine, tried to convince him and then he finally agreed. But when Hephaestus got to Mount Olympus he still wouldn’t release Hera. He would only let his mother free of the throne if he got to marry Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. So there you go, that how the ugliest god and most beautiful goddess ended up getting married.

Since Hephaestus was the God of metal working, I think he was overlooked because without him none if the god/goddess would have any of the weapons. So I think he in a really big part of Greek Mythology and his role his very important.

By the way I got all my information from this site here. http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/greek-god-hephaestus.html

The Gods of Olympia!

Hello Readers!  

12 gods/goddesses, 12 titans, 12 labors. It seems that in Greek Mythology, 12 is there favorite number in world, or in Olympian. One of my biggest interest in Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is full of drama, goddess, gods, labours, and hero’s. Today I want to tell you more about it. Here is a story about my favorite goddess Athena!   


Athena is the god of battle strategic, wisdom, common reason, and fairness (not as in beauty). Athena was born without a mother. She emerged fully grown and in amour out of Zeus forehead. Athena being the favorite child of Zeus, had great power. Zeus even allowed her to use his weapons including his thunderbolt (and that’s a big deal!).  

Hiss. Hiss. The sound of the snakes on Medusa’s head replacing hair. Medusa, once a beautiful girl, but now a horrifying creature called a gorgon. Medusa was once a young stunning girl who lived in the city of Athens. She would constantly comment on how pretty she was. Anyone how stopped long enough for Medusa to talk to would hear about how truly gorgeous she was. One day, all her friends were going to visit the Parthenon. It was her first time going there. The Parthenon was the largest temple in Greece. In the Parthenon, was the Patron Goddess of Athens, Athena. Everyone who entered the temple respect and obeyed Athena, all except for Medusa. Every time Medusa past a statue she would say “Who ever did this statue did a very good job but it would look better if it was of me.” She said the same or similar about all the pictures. When Medusa reached the alter she exclaimed a bit to loudly, “My, this temple is beautiful. It’s a shame it is wasted on Athena, for I am much prettier then her. Perhaps one day people will build an even grander temple all for me.” All her friends went pale, everyone left the temple, for know one want to be in the temple when Athena was mad. Medusa had not even noticed that everyone had left, she was staring in her reflection in the grad bronze doors watching the figure change, the figure shaped into the great goddess Athena. She screamed “Vain and Foolish Girl! You think you are prettier than me. You boast yourself while other people are working, learning, and playing. There is more to life then beauty.” After that day Athena cursed Medusa, she was know a horrible monster with thick snakes in place of her ones beautiful golden hair. Anyone who looked in Medusa’s eyes would turn to stone and that included herself. She would never be able to look into the mirror again.  

So, you now see that the Goddess Athena believes in justest. Though she is tough this is one of the stories she is more harsh in. There are lots of other really great stories about her that she is more “kind” in. Here is my source for this piece of writing.  

What do you think about Greek Mythology? This is only one of hundreds of stories. I will be posting more about it soon! I hope you got to learn a bit about something possibly new to you. I encourage you to learn more about it because it is quite fascinating. Have a wonderful day. 


1900 Degree Kiln!!

Hey Friends!

Do you have a kiln in your class? Cause I do! When I first heard, I was so excited to be able to make clay this year. So for Christmas we got to make these beautiful clay houses. I was sadly away when everyone made their house’s so I had to make mine a little later and won’t be home for Christmas but I still thought I would write about the processes and stuff!

So the first step is to make the house. You start out by making a ball of clay and the push your thumb into it making something called a pinch pot. You then start to mold the clay to make a dome. To help keep the figure we placed it on a flip container with a ball of paper towel on the top and Sarana wrap holding it down. Then you start the procedure on smoothing all the finger prints out. Since it is winter, the house has a layer of snow on the top. We did this by rolling a piece of clay out like some cookie dough. To attach it you use the method Scratch to Attach. You make scratches all over one side of the clay cookie dough piece and all over the base of your house were the snow will be placed. Then you spread the substance called Scratch all over the snow and finally place it on to the base being sure to get out all the air bubbles. We then added windows, a chimney, a door, and any other accessories we wanted.

After letting it sit for 6 days…… Our teacher runs the kiln and all our clay houses get baked! The kiln was running in our class today and it was so hot! Everyone also got to look through a hole in the kiln and see what it looks like inside. It’s all orange and just looks so crazy hot! It gets up to 1900 degrees! We in reaches 1900 degrees it shuts of but you have to let it sit over night to cool down before opening the lid or else the house would exploded!

After the houses are cool, you get to add color by glazing it.  It’s important to read the label of the glaze because it looks very different compared to what it looks like when it comes out of the kiln for the final time. You do 3 coats of each color you want, letting it dry in between.

It goes into the kiln for the second time and the matte glaze turns into a gorges glassy texture.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to comment. Have a wonderful day!


Death In Space: Collapsing Cave

Hello Readers,

I want you to imagine all the ways you could die in space. It sounds strange, but think about it! You could be eaten by an alien, fall out of the space ship, or even just take off your helmet! There are so many ways. In class we even watched a video (the video is above) about death in space. Strange concept, isn’t it?

There! I spotted it. The intergalactic cave N.A.S.A had been trying to track down for 3 years. It was dazzling. Well, actually no, it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. The outside looked like sinewy skin that was sprouting magenta fur tuffs. While the inside was bright blue and just looked like a regular wall, the floor was an unflattering pinky-red with infected bumps everywhere, resembling a tonged. But the title of being the first astronaut to find the missing cave on mars was definitely appealing.

SlowlyI took my first step into my fame, my destiny, what I would be remembered for. Though my palms were sweaty and my helmet was foggy from my long deep breaths, I straightened my posture and strutted confidently into the cave and onto the bouncy revolting floor.

And then there was darkness. The large open mouth of the cave had collapsed.

What would I do??

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to comment and tell me your ideas about death in space.


ABC’s of Me

Hello Readers,

I thought it had been a while since I wrote a post about me, so I thought you should learn more about me. So her is the ABC’s of me.

is because I am an Acro dancer

is because I am a Basketball player

is because I am Creative

D is because I am Deturnmend 

is because I am Enthusiastic

is because I like to have Fun

G is because my favourite color is lime Green

is because I am Happy 

I is because I try to be Imaginative 

J is because me and my mom go Jogging sometimes 

K is because I like to Knit

L is because I Love Lasagna 

M is because I don’t enjoy Math

N is because I like reading Novels 

O is because my friend call me Olive

P is because I hate doing Push-ups in dance

Q is because I am NOT a Quiet person

R is because I like to Read

S is because I was a Synchronized Swimmer

T is because I love to drink Tea

U is because both my parents taught at the University of Alberta

is because I play Volleyball

W is because Walking is fun

X is because I have never had an X-Ray

Y is because I like Yellow flowers

Z is because I like Zucchini noodles

So I hope you got to learn some more about me! Don’t forgot to comment and tell me something about yourself!


Where I Live


Looking for a vacation? The Comox Valley is a magical place to explore and get a good taste of Vancouver Island. There’s lots of places to find, discover, and make long lasting priceless memoirs. When my grandparents come to visit from Alberta one of the first things the notice and mention how amazing it smells. You don’t notice it after you have lived here for a while but to any visitors it smells or dense trees and the ocean. O ya! That’s the other great thing about living her is that it ocean is always so close. Well, why don’t we get into some details about the charming shops, the beautiful oceans, and more.

5th Street Courtenay 

Image result for hotchocolates comox

(From the Hot Chocolates Website)

5th >>>street. Sound like just a regular street. 4th street, 5th street, and 6th street. But in  Courtenay 5th street is filled with unique shops. If I am ever stuck and what to get a friend for Christmas, I can always count on 5th to give me an idea for or find something fantastic. No matter who you are I bet you can find something you like. From beautiful beads from the Shipwreck Bead Shop, or delicious treats from Hot Chocolate Cake Bread, or a great read from the Laughing Oyster Book Store! On one my favorites shops there is the Tea Shop. When you walk in you smell the sweet teas. There are two giant shelf’s filled with tons of different teas. One of the best teas I think is one called walnut chia. I think if smells like walnut cookies and tastes like dessert in a cup. One of my other favorite shops is Hot Chocolates Cake Bread. It’s a café on 5th. It is filled with delicious sourdough breads, different delectable desserts , and gelato that is the summer is so refreshing. There are tons more shops on 5th that I love but these are my 2 favorite. So if you are ever in town and fell like doing some shopping, I totally recommend 5th Street in Courtenay.  

Goose Spit


(From the Comox Valley Regional District Website)

Goose Spit is a beach we have hear in Comox. And no it is not called Goose Spit because geese spit everywhere. It is called the Spit because it sticks out from the rest of the island. And I think Goose comes from it kind of looking like a gooses neck from above. So that’s where Goose Spit comes from. There are two sides two goose spit. Each being special and taking in its own way. The first side is rock and in the summer is equipped by fire pits. I have more the a dozen adored captions in my mind of spending night down at the Spit with my family and friend roasting marshmallows, and eating hot dogs and grilled cheese that we got to make ourselves. The second side is sandy and has little sea asparagus. One time I tried eating one and it was kind of salty and gross. This side of Goose Spit looks towards the marina (learn more about it in the next paragraph). You can always see boats and sometimes kayaks floating across the water.  

My other favorite part of Goose Spit is when there are storms. One day me and my friend decided to walk down to the Spit when it was pouring out and the wind was roaring and it was such an amazing experience. We climbed up big rocks and stood up looking out towards the ocean. The waves towered. Little water droplets were picked up by the wind and flew into your face and all you can do is lick your lips and taste the salty cold water. And the wind pulls you face into a smile. All you can think about it being there. It is kind of indescribable. All your worries, your stress, and your responsibilities go away and for that moment all you are is a person watching a storm and you realize how lucky you are to be there.  


Downtown Comox/The Grind 

Image result for the komox grind

(Just their logo)

Cute. That’s the word that my Dad says every time we drive through Downtown. And that’s exactly what it is. Cute. Downtown Comox is filled with charming cafés and adorable shops. Something that I love about Downtown is that it is right of the marina. Most of the store have beautiful views to the blue ocean and tall sail boat masts. Though I love all the nosheries and boutique I am going to zoom in on one of them. The Grind. Something I think is really unique about the Grind that I love, is that they spell Comox the traditional way, “Komox”. The common way to spell “Comox” is European, “Komox” is the traditional Aboriginal way.  The reason I chose the Komox Grind is because it find it such an awesome place to hang out with friends. Sometimes me and my friend will bike down to the Grind and buy smoothies! The smoothies at the Grind are so yummy. They have a wide selection of coffees, teas, smoothies, lattes. Plus they have a small collection of pastries, savory and sweet! Something for everyone. One of the best smoothies I think is the Curious George. Based of you yes, you guessed it one of all our favorite children T.V. show. Inspired by our fav monkey. The Curious George consists his most loved flavors. While enjoying a thick chocolaty puree, you of taste hints banana-y sweetness. It is really good. So while I enjoy my delicious Curious George I get the awesome opportunity to look are the meberizing views of the ocean’s waves.

If you haven’t noticed I clearly love living hear. It’s small here, but that’s one of the reasons I love it here. I hope I have persuaded you to come visit if you are ever in need of a vacation. So come to Vancouver Island Comox!

P.S. Don’t forget to comment and tell me about where you live!


Harris Burdick Mysteries: Mr. Linden’s Library

After each page Cindy turned, the more drawn into her story she was. It was as if vines wrapped around her and pulled her closer and closer each flip of a page. Finally Cindy’s eye lids grew heavy and she drifted of to a deep sleep. Cindy dreamed sweet dreams until she woke up with a start. Vines had begun to sprout from her novel. They had wrapped around her small thin wrists, immobilizing her arms. Although she screamed at the top of her lungs, her words seemed to be swallowed up by the book. It was dead silence to anyone around. The fat green vines, which were approaching her chest quickly, were tight and strong. There was no escaping this creeping plant. Cindy’s mind was racing. Flashes of her fondest memories skimmed through her mind. She pretended to go to sleep, for the last time. With what she thought to be her last breath, the vines had simply disappeared. Cindy gasped. She breathed easy for the first in what she thought was forever. There was no more time to be happy. She stumbled to her feet, grabbed the book and launched out the widow with a grunt. She collapsed back on to her bed because she was exhausted. Exhausted in every way. Her mind, her lungs, her body. As tired as she was there was no way she was going to go back to sleep. In the back off her mind she heard the librarian’s mumbled words. “Beware. Beware of the book.”

How Many Ways Could You Use a Christmas Tree?

Christmas is here.Creative Commons License Val Wroblewski via Compfight

Hi Readers!

I recently just posted a Christmas post on my blog, but I am obsessed with the this season so I wanted to write another one! So today I am going to write about something a little bit different. How many ways could you think of using a Christmas tree? Here are mine!

  1. Are you ever in desperate need of a hair brush. Well it’s Christmas time so you could just ask for a new one….. Or you just go up to your cut of a nice big furry piece of your green healthy tree! Just go ahead and brush away!
  2. Do you have the largest most biggest cotton candy maker but you don’t have any sticks large enough to put it on. Well just grab a average sized Christmas tree and go ahead and make the most huge cotton candy stick ever!
  3. Make Christmas tree ornaments out of your Christmas tree. No need to go out and buy ornaments but just make your own! All you have to do is cut of a couple little pieces and tie some string around them and there you go! 2 in 1. Buy one Christmas tree and still have decorations for it.

So what did you think of my 3 ways to use a Christmas tree. None of these are very serious, but I thought it was kind of funny. Don’t forgot to comment and tell me your creative ways to use a Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!


One Simple Act of Kindness

Hey Friends, 

I hope that this post changes your mind about homelessness. Did you know that there are approximately 100 million homeless people across the world. I think that that number is much to high. One really important thing I think everyone should know if, a homeless person could be anyone. We watch a video in class showing all this homeless people that were holding a sigh telling part of their story. For some, its because of expensive medical bills, for others, its escaping bad situation and losing everything. The important thing to know is that this could be me or you.  

Helping the homeless doesn’t always mean you have to give money, even though that is a kind gesture. Helping the homeless can be showing a simple act of kindness. Give a smile, say hello, wave. All these things show egnoligement that you notice them. That they aren’t forgotten.  

There’s of a lot of homeless people who aren’t even on the streets. A lot are in shelters, or living in a unstable living environment. This means there are a lot of homeless people who are hidden. That you don’t and can’t notice. I thought about this a lot actually. I think that this is one of the reasons that many people aren’t aware of homelessness and how it effects so many people. There is this probably every where. in Courtney, Victoria, and even in Comox. When I first learn this I was really surprised because I had never seen anyone homeless in Comox, or at-least not that I knew of. Homelessness effect more people then just people who are homeless. This is our problem, the hole community and us and the government should be trying to support people less fortunate and get people in to safe, healthier living environments.

Remember that one simple act of kindness can change someone’s life. Saying hi to a less fortunate person is something so simple but sends such a big message. It says “I notice you, you are a person.” Be a change maker, say hello, do a simple act of kindness.  


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