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A Wrinkle in Time Movie/Book Review

Dear Readers,

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. An amazing novel filled with joy, fantasy, longing of love, and at last finding it in some of the most unexpected ways. A Wrinkle in Time is a novel about a 12 year old girl named Meg Murry and her adventure to find her father who has be gone for four years. After years of morning her missing father, one day her 5 year old brother Charles Wallace, discovers “The Three W’s” (Mrs. What-sit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which). Three enchanting ladies all captivating and eclectic. Though Charles maybe be the youngest he seems to know the most about what and who these women are. The book takes Meg, Charles, and a boy named Calvin through magical planets, strange creatures, and a darkness that more then you would think know about. Will you be brave and one day become one of earth’s warriors to flight “it”? 

This book is truly I incredible, I thought when I read it with my grandparents. So when I heard Disney was making a movie, I was thrilled. The movie obviously has had an extremely talented hair, make-up, and costume team. The three W’s were brought to life by there creativity and mind blowing dedication. Sadly, I thought the book was not brought to justice. After having my expectations high and being super excited for the film, I was not satisfied.  

ALERT! There maybe a few spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book. 

Don’t get me wrong, some parts of the movie were pretty great. Chris Pine, the actor who played Meg’s father, did a fabulous job I thought. The seen were Meg (Storm Reid) and her father see each other for the first time in what seems like forever, made me smile and warmed my heart. They really made it look like they had a real father daughter connection. I also thought the movies execution was done very well. The special effects looked genuinely magical. Along the journey of traveling through time and space, the movie takes you through some very mystical greenery. The movie was mainly shot in L.A., but a few breath taking shots were taken in Southern New Zealand. Over all the visual aspects of the movie, I thought was a win. 

But the story line was so messed up. Throughout the whole movie “Nothing really happened”-as my dad said. It was like there were little scenes that were interesting by themselves but all together it was boring and important things were cut out. For example, in the book there is a chapter named “Aunt Beast”. Aunt Beast is a creature who helps Meg after she is physically frozen, ice cold. Aunt Beast plays a mothering role, and nurtures Meg, I was looking forward to seeing this scene in the movie… And it was cut out other than a quick flash back that lasted half a second. Also, in the end of the book there is sort of battle between “it” and Meg (“it’ is a manipulator so it was like a battle of mind), and the way she ends up defeating “it” is because of a gift from one of the three W’s. Here gift to here was the phrase “I love you Meg”. During the battle “it” tells Meg, “No one loves you”, but Meg knew that wasn’t true, and that is how   she won the battle. Now the thing I find unbelievable is that Meg never received that gift! But she ended up still winning the battle. I mean, yes, Meg would have already known she was loved, but in the book it was such an “ahah” moment! Why would they not include it!? 

Thank you for reading this long blog post, and hearing my rant about this movie. This is my last blog post of the school year so I thought I would go out with something useful… Do not watch the movie, but please read the book! It is truly amazing.  

Have a wonderful summer break everyone!  

P.S. I may write over the summer and hopefully next year. Or I may start a new blog! If so I will post the link to it here.





1900 Degree Kiln!!

Hey Friends!

Do you have a kiln in your class? Cause I do! When I first heard, I was so excited to be able to make clay this year. So for Christmas we got to make these beautiful clay houses. I was sadly away when everyone made their house’s so I had to make mine a little later and won’t be home for Christmas but I still thought I would write about the processes and stuff!

So the first step is to make the house. You start out by making a ball of clay and the push your thumb into it making something called a pinch pot. You then start to mold the clay to make a dome. To help keep the figure we placed it on a flip container with a ball of paper towel on the top and Sarana wrap holding it down. Then you start the procedure on smoothing all the finger prints out. Since it is winter, the house has a layer of snow on the top. We did this by rolling a piece of clay out like some cookie dough. To attach it you use the method Scratch to Attach. You make scratches all over one side of the clay cookie dough piece and all over the base of your house were the snow will be placed. Then you spread the substance called Scratch all over the snow and finally place it on to the base being sure to get out all the air bubbles. We then added windows, a chimney, a door, and any other accessories we wanted.

After letting it sit for 6 days…… Our teacher runs the kiln and all our clay houses get baked! The kiln was running in our class today and it was so hot! Everyone also got to look through a hole in the kiln and see what it looks like inside. It’s all orange and just looks so crazy hot! It gets up to 1900 degrees! We in reaches 1900 degrees it shuts of but you have to let it sit over night to cool down before opening the lid or else the house would exploded!

After the houses are cool, you get to add color by glazing it.  It’s important to read the label of the glaze because it looks very different compared to what it looks like when it comes out of the kiln for the final time. You do 3 coats of each color you want, letting it dry in between.

It goes into the kiln for the second time and the matte glaze turns into a gorges glassy texture.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to comment. Have a wonderful day!